The Greater Good

As we move forward through a time of discontent and protest around the globe, be assured that everything is in order.  We are in the midst of what I call the Great Awakening, a time of transition as people are taking their personal power back, and an essential evolutionary period for our planet.  There is a certain ripple effect, too, as those who have been blinded in the past to the need for change are finally able to see clearly.

I’ve decided to continue with another excerpt from my 2009 book Living In The New Paradigm to support a foundation for understanding where we are and what we can choose to avoid as we create a very new future:

“Beyond the individual or group, there are beliefs that operate as accepted conventional wisdom for most of humanity in the “civilized” and developed world.  Handed down generation after generation, deeply ingrained in the collective psyche, unquestioned and mostly unchallenged, the core beliefs of this mass consciousness served a purpose.

The systematic manipulation of the masses has been essential to what has been going on in our world.  We hear it in the phrase “Might makes right”.  Those who have the power get to determine what’s right or wrong for the rest, the strongest will rule.   Most often, we are told it’s for our benefit or for the Greater Good.  Let’s take a look at it more closely.

Subtly, slowly, persistently, consistently we have been conditioned and programmed over time with conventional wisdom that tells us we are small, powerless, helpless, weak, insignificant and not so very bright.

We have had implanted the messages of lack and limitation, that this is all there is, that it’s as good as it can get, and that there’s nothing we can do about it.  Masters of mind control and manipulation, those who have been in power, what we might call the dark forces in our world from an energetic perspective, have filled the mass consciousness with limiting beliefs to keep the people controlled and manageable and to, ultimately, feed their voracious appetites for power and money.   To maintain “order” has been their goal.  And we have participated.

Like playing a poker game, the cards for the Greater Good are pulled and played to get you to back down and retreat into subservience or, at the very least, silence.  The Fear card, the Loyalty card, the Country card.

Like a rumor, it all begins by spreading a phrase with a particular belief.  Before long it becomes “common” knowledge and accepted fact.  The insidious nature of this mind control reveals itself after a while – “they” no longer have to spread rumors to control the masses because the masses are spreading the word and controlling themselves.  This is a self-perpetuating system of mind control through the Law of Repetition.

We’ll be talking more about this in a later chapter, but for now here are just a few examples to help you get the idea more clearly:

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. The subtle message is that who you are doesn’t matter, your connections or who you know is what really counts.  If you don’t know the right people, you’re out of luck in life.

Just do as you’re told. The message is that you aren’t intelligent enough to make good decisions for yourself and must be told what to do.

Seeing is believing. What we see is often not real, as we view demonstrations of people pretending to be who they are not, visions that are merely illusions.  And, of course, there’s much you cannot see.  You can’t see a thought, an emotion, love or electricity with the naked human eye.  On top of that, the visual spectrum of light for the human eye is very limited – there is much that we are not capable of seeing.  As we’ll be discovering, what you believe is what you see.

Bigger is better. Since we’re all interested in being “better”, this translates into a message that we have to have more, the best, the newest, the biggest.  With this belief we become great consumers, conspicuous consumers, and are constantly on a treadmill to gather more of the outer stuff.

Money is power. The message is if you don’t have money, you don’t have any power.  It also stimulates the desire to acquire, constantly chasing the dream instead of living it.

Children are to be seen and not heard. The message is you don’t have anything important to say and what you say doesn’t matter.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Mindlessly repeated by far too many, this message tells us that even if we get what we desire – all the really sweet, delicious things in life – we’ll never get to take pleasure in them.   This is a real joy-killer.  The subtle message is that you might as well give up now and never even try to create the life of your dreams.

If you don’t like it, lump it.  The message here is that if you’re unhappy with something, nobody really cares to hear about it so you’ll just have to put up with it.  Another phrase along this same line is Put up or shut up, directing you to use violence to settle a dispute or just be quiet about it.

Judge a book by its cover. The phrase we actually repeat is “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, however, in practice our mind ignores the “don’t” and we have learned to judge based on what people, places or things appear to be. This message keeps us separate and tells us that who we are inside doesn’t really count. Again, the focus is on the outer world of appearances and brings the idea of discriminating, looking for what’s different, home.

In the name of family, justice, truth, honor, love, God, Country, tradition and loyalty we have been asked to ignore, deny or pretend that abuses of power, the unacceptable and unimaginable have been taking place.  When we are confronted, most people are stunned and back down into a silent retreat.

We have abdicated our power.  More than that, we’ve been told and become convinced over time that we don’t have any.  As we’ll come to find out, that’s simply not true.”

In the midst of these dynamic times, I invite you to claim your power rightly and wisely.

YOU deserve it!

With joy and great celebration,



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Back To The Beginning – Part 2

This week I’ll continue once again with a passage from Living In The New Paradigm:

It is a challenging and immensely exciting time to be alive.  Humans have not, however, chosen an easy journey.

In the early 1900’s, there was an emergence of consciousness that was beginning to awaken the people to their individual power.  All of that was significantly halted with the start of World War I.  The Baby Boom in the middle years brought in a generation of people who began to prepare for the shift, the transition of power.  With demonstrations and confrontation and conscientious objection in the 1960’s, the cry became Question Authority.  And the rules and reality began to change.

The world began to transform with different gender roles, families, communities, work, economics, and society coming into play as an essential step forward to cutting the chains that have bound people to the past with an outdated way of operating and conventional limiting patterns that maintained the status quo.

People were being prepared to surge forward with an awakened consciousness.  Technological advances have rapidly developed to aid both sides:  on one hand connecting the world together with greater access to information and the freedom to allow one’s true nature to be exposed, and on the other side as a weapon to confuse, confound, spread fear, abuse personal rights and maintain order.

Over the past 100 years, there have been many great men of power and influence, or the potential for it, literally shot dead in their tracks to stem the tide of change.  Mahatma Gandhi, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and John Lennon to name just a few.  Many women have made their mark as well, however, the leaders that needed to be struck down have had to be on the male side of the equation in this struggle for power.

So, the people were primed and ready to awaken to their purpose, what they came here to do.

If you are reading this, you have already awakened or, at the very least, are beginning the process.  This is the time you came here for, so begin to claim your power now!

YOU deserve it!

With joy and great celebration,



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Back To The Beginning – Part 1

With all of the changes and what might seem to many as turmoil going on in our world, I’m going to continue with sharing an excerpt from Living In The New Paradigm to help make sense of it all:

“Imagine for a moment that you are back in a time not so very long ago.  The time just before you began this particular adventure.

You are meeting with your spiritual guides and advisors to discuss your next journey to planet Earth.  You are excited – you’ve been there before.  And, though it’s difficult at first to get used to being in the dense physical form and to go through the intensity of the human experience, it is always a time of rapid soul growth and advancement.  It is exquisite to be able to experience the sensations of the six senses – taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing, and sensing.

And this time it’s even better – this time it’s special.

You are reminded by your guides and teachers that many others have stepped aside so that you could make this journey now.  You have not only volunteered to be there, you have been chosen out of many.

Earth, the great planet of Free Will, has finally reached a point of transition, a time when people on the planet will be creating and moving into a new golden age, a new enlightened time.

You review what lessons your soul has chosen to learn.  You review the signs and signals that will be triggered in you to recognize the people you’ve chosen to share this journey with once you are in human form and consciousness.

You are calm and confident and excited.  There is great anticipation, always, taking this journey.  You never quite know how it’s all going to turn out.

And, so, in this session you are being prepared.

You’re reminded about the history of Earth and the great game that is being played there.

There is a seed planted deep inside you from the collective conscious that remembers Home.  A time of freedom, joy, love, health, abundance, harmony, deep peace and contentment.  A time of honoring that was paradise on Earth.

Over the eons of time, humans have created different realities on the planet to experiment with.  This is the Game of Life with constantly changing storyboards and rules.  All of it is being made up by humans as they go along.

Times of enlightenment, times of great darkness.  Times of solitude, then gathering together in clans and family units, followed by the branching out into societies and civilizations.  Even times of devastation and cataclysmic ruin so that the game could start all over again.  Ingenious.

A time when the feminine, Divine Mother, was honored and women ruled, with an emphasis of the right side of the brain and a focus on receiving, allowing, creativity, metaphysics and honoring of the earth.  Then, through a time of transition, the masculine took power, with a focus on the logical left side of the brain and force, rule, control, domination, aggression and warfare as a model.

The masculine model grounded with a base of ego or self-centeredness.  The feminine model grounded with a base of connection to the forces of nature and a reverence for Mother Earth or heart-centeredness.

The pendulum has swung to both sides throughout human history and you are reminded that every person has both feminine and masculine inside of them.  You have, yourself, been both female and male over your many Earth lifetimes.

Neither feminine nor masculine separately was complete or successful, so now there is an evolution taking place to bring both into balance – with the masculine and feminine sides of human nature in harmony.

Now, the masculine energies that have predominated on Earth for this last period have known for a while that their time was limited.  And, in the final stages before the fall, they are putting up a great fight to hang on.  The forces are strong and they are formidable.  Their goal is to keep the population contained and manageable under their control.  The goal of the people as a whole has always been to be free.”

With all politics and what appears to be your external circumstances aside, your birthright is to be free.  I encourage you to claim that power now.

YOU deserve it!

With joy and great celebration,



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The Story of Our Time

This is the story of our time.  It is a story written about you.

As a people we are moving forward through a time of evolution, a transition in consciousness and an essential paradigm shift.

From control to freedom.  From ego and separation to community and unity.  From manipulation to cooperation.  From competition to partnership and co-creation.  From lack and limitation to limitless abundance and prosperity.  From fear to faith.  From force to power.  From war to peace.  From ignorance to wisdom and enlightenment.  From cowardice to courage.  From aggression to compassion.  From powerless to powerfull.  And, from the Love of Power to the Power of Love.

We are moving from the Old Paradigm that has repressed and held people back in small, familiar comfort zones into the New Paradigm that is the promise of the living dream that we’ve know at our core was rightfully ours all along, an exciting world that is about to open up full of magic and miracles.

We are transitioning into a new age of enlightenment.  We are close to capturing the golden opportunity to create our heart’s desires, not only for ourselves, but for everyone on the planet.

With the recent advances in quantum physics and the sciences coupled with the re-emergence of what many call “new age” thought, but which is really old age wisdom that we can trace back through history and recorded time, we now know with certainty that we create the reality that we see reflected in the world around us.

Everything you think, say and do determines your destiny.

You get to choose.  It’s up to you.  And, ultimately, to all of us collectively as we move more fully into the knowing and the certainty that we are One.  What we think and give emotional energy to, what we choose to create, affects everyone everywhere.

So, the question is no longer can you create your life.  The real question is this: Are you creating the life you love to live?

More importantly, are you using your powers to create a world for us all – full of peace, love, joy, harmony, compassion, freedom, beauty, and truth?

Are you creating a world free from rules, domination, control, anger, fear, hatred, violence, limitation and lack?

A world full of limitless possibilities where there is plenty for everyone:  food, clothing, shelter, health, wealth, companionship, community, love, time, wisdom, vitality, inspiration, opportunity, passion, personal expression, and living our gifts – each and every one of them.

This is not fantasy or fiction.  This is the story of our time.  Take what you will, believe what feels right and leave the rest behind.

YOU deserve the very best!

With joy and great celebration,



This posting is an excerpt from my 2009 book, which is filled with insights and guidance about the shift we are experiencing on the planet.  If you would like to purchase Living In The New Paradigm for even more, you can visit  When you purchase, send me a personal email and I’ll send you a complimentary copy of my ebook Manifesting IS Easy.

The New Paradigm – Part Two

This week I’m going to share another excerpt from Living In The New Paradigm with you.

Let’s begin:

This is the time to remember who you are as a divine being.  It is time to remember that you are directly connected with Source, and anything you desire is already provided.  It is the time to remember you are here to be an expression of Source and of love in the world.  It is time to remember to be of service to your fellows in alignment with the highest good of all concerned.

And, when you forget, simply remember again.  Love, Service, Remember.

Everything is aligned and working with you and for you.  Your success is guaranteed.  You have been rewired and you are in tune with higher vibrations.

And so you can recognize that you need no longer do things alone.  As matter of fact, isolation and separation will no longer work.  This is a time of community, of partnership, of sharing and of coming together.

As Quantum Physics has been demonstrating, we are all One and the more quickly you get that into your mind the easier this will be.  Just as the human body has upwards of 50 trillion cells that are constantly and instantly communicating, so are we as human beings on this planet earth connected to one another.

What you do, what you choose, affects the All.  It is essential to learn to control your emotions and to focus your thoughts.

You can begin by operating on the principles of cooperation, partnership, unity, creativity, co-creation, limitless abundance and prosperity, freedom, personal power, and the power of love.  As you embrace that consciousness, as you embody those feelings, as you allow yourself that experience you will be doing your part to accelerate the change in the world.

This is a fundamental shift to understanding, knowing and acting with certainty with the consciousness that you create your reality.

Regardless of your present circumstances, your life experience can change in the blink of eye, your business and financial affairs can turn on a dime.

You can create heaven or hell.  You can live in struggle or ease.  You can know lack and limitation or generous, lavish abundance and prosperity.  You can be a puppet or a prophet.

It is entirely up to you and the choices that you make.  It is time to choose wisely.

YOU deserve it

With joy and great celebration,



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Talk about Occupy Wall Street and the global movement that has been unfolding continues to spread and is becoming more intense.  People of all different types around the world are finally taking a stand – standing up, standing out and standing together.

As I watch and read about the demonstrations, I’m looking forward to the next phase of their development when the focus will shift to what they choose to see reflected in the world around us.  I’m welcoming the moment when the realization hits that they have the power to create a new reality.

If you think or believe that the power to affect your well-being, your ability to thrive, your wealth, or your supply is anywhere outside of yourself, you may be in for a rude awakening.

It’s not the Corporations.  It’s not the stock market.  It’s not the banks.  It’s not the 1%.

The Power lies within YOU!  You no longer need to be victimized by your own consciousness.   You are the creator of your own reality.

As I began to write about this, I remembered one of the books I wrote two years ago that spoke about this very idea.

Here’s an edited excerpt from Living In The New Paradigm that I’ve decided to share to start to bring the message home for you:

The New Paradigm, the New Wealth, the New Age, and the New Economy.  If you’re conscious, in tuned, awake and aware, you know something’s happening and people are talking about it more every day.

Call it what you will, we are in the middle of a time of great change, an evolutionary shift in global consciousness and a period of transformation that is changing the rules that we’ve been operating by.  All of the terms apply.

People are awakening to their power and they’re taking it back.

I’ve been writing about this moment of time since 2002, have been preparing people around the world, and have consciously been navigating the changes in my own life.  I choose to call this time of transition a Paradigm shift, or simply the New Paradigm.

A paradigm is an example, a pattern, a model.  It is a word synonymous with mold, standard, and ideal.

The Old Paradigm has been based on control, manipulation, competition, lack and limitation, fear, force, powerless and the love of power.

The New Paradigm is based on cooperation, partnership, unity, creativity, co-creating, limitless abundance and prosperity, freedom, power, powerfull and the power of love.

So now we are here in this New Paradigm where there’s very little separating you from the quantum field of creation.  With nearly a direct connection and very little interference unless we create it, manifesting is becoming almost instantaneous.

That’s the good news and the bad news.  What you think, say, feel and do is automatically transmitted to the creative realms to be brought into physical form and experience.

And, so, it is up to you what you choose to experience and you have the opportunity to receive instant feedback.

Tangible wealth, including money, will be provided to you with great ease and flow according to what you choose to receive.  While at some point in time money will no longer be required, for the moment at least we are operating with that system in place.

It is a time when you can know almost immediately what you have been focusing your thoughts and emotions on and you can make the necessary corrections if you are not amused or pleased.  This is the Mastery process.

It is your right and your responsibility to choose consciously what you think, say, feel and do.  Nobody is doing it to you and nobody is going to do it for you.  You can release the old victim mentality that kept you trapped and imprisoned in a small but seemingly secure space.  Nothing is happening to you, it is all happening through you.

It is entirely your choice to stay in the drama and the trauma of the Old Paradigm or to move fully and freely into the new.  Many will move back and forth until they get the sensations of how joyful the New Paradigm is.  Once you have been in the New Paradigm for a while, there is no turning back, there is no other conceivable way.

You can give yourself permission to release old patterns, habits and Belief Systems (B.S.) that go along with shaming, complaining, blaming, criticizing, gossiping or negativity of any sort.

You can give yourself permission to release the idea of struggle and anything that is no longer in alignment or harmony with your ideal.

Nothing is outside of you; everything is a reflection of you.

Nothing is wrong with you.  There is nothing to fix.  Get firmly planted in your mind that you are now in control and that whatever you are experiencing you have set in motion.  You can make the necessary changes in any moment and create a different reality.

This is the time to live from your heart, to do what you love.  This is the time to balance and to bring your higher self, your soul’s ideal, into alignment with your lower self, your physical presence.

This is the time to remember that your mind is your servant, not your master.

This is the time to let go of all the old baggage and burdens you’ve been carrying for so long.

This is the time to stop playing small, ignorant, petty, mean, ugly, angry or judgmental.

This is the time to be conscious, awake, aware, passionate and creative.

This is the time to be inspired.

This is the time to Love, Laugh and Live.

This is the time to simply stop participating in any manipulation.  There is no manipulation or control outside of you, and then only if you allow it.

This is the time to no longer engage in competition, manipulation, lack or limitation thinking, fear or force.

This is the time to have Fun and to know Joy!

This is the time to be in the receiving line for all the abundance of the Universe!

This is the time to stand up, step out and BE the powerful co-creator that you already are!

YOU deserve it!

With joy and great celebration,



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I was stunned.  Absolutely stunned.  Actually shocked if you want to know the truth.

I was sitting in front of my computer playing my favorite new version of Spider Solitaire (yes, it is one of my great indulgences!), when the words “Game Is Over!  No More Moves!” came onto my screen.   And, yet, I could clearly see that there were more moves to make.  It was obvious and apparent.  So, even though I’d seen that same message many times before, I just continued to play the game and WIN!

Like many of you, perhaps, I have been trained over the years to believe that computers and programs are right and logical.  Yet, clearly in this case the computer was wrong!

I had believed a lie and, more importantly, I had been taking actions based on information that simply was not true.

How easily I’d been lulled into the trance of accepting and believing what I read – what was right before my eyes.  Without question, without making any effort to discern my own truth, I had just allowed myself to be deceived by outward appearances, someone else’s version of the truth that they had decided to impose on me.

I wondered, how often has the programming I’ve been operating on in life stopped me in my tracks?  How often have I believed lies that have held me back from winning in life?

Now, the truth is that we have all been programmed to operate on lies that have kept us playing small.  It’s been a convenient way to keep society manageable and in order as many have lead lives of quiet desperation to appease the insatiable appetites of the forces that have dominated and controlled.

We are in the midst of a massive evolution of consciousness on our planet as people are awakening to the idea that there has to be a better way that allows everyone to enjoy true freedom and joy – to live their lives based on Truth.  This is the seed that was planted long ago inside each and every one of us, the deep memory that something really wonderful is possible here.

And, so, on a personal and a global scale, the game we’ve been playing is over!

It is time to play a new game.

It is a time of revelations and a time of revolutions.  The first wave of revelations begins when we awaken to the deceptions and begin to consciously choose a different operating system for our lives.

Ask yourself:  What is my truth?  What do I choose to believe and why?  Are the beliefs I’ve been operating on serving me well?  Am I ready and willing to change?

Have you been trained to believe that you are powerless, weak, poor or limited?  You are more powerful than you can ever imagine.  You are a child of the Universe and it is your very birthright to be a magnificent co-creator of reality.

It is not only your right – it is your responsibility.  Everything you think, say and do determines your destiny, so choose wisely. Choose powerfully.  Choose consciously.  Choose positively.

The revolution begins when you are ready to go beyond the false beliefs and demonstrate how very powerful you are.

We have seen the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations going global as people gather at last to end the old game.  Are you one of the 99%ers?  What does that mean to you? Better yet, what can that mean for creating a new era of life on the planet for everyone around the globe?  We have crossed over the tipping point – it is up to you now to decide what to do with it.

Old lies are being recognized.  The old beliefs we used to simply accept and operate our lives on are being exposed as frauds.

But it’s important to remember that it is not enough to know what you do not want, what you consider wrong, or what you would like to change.  Those are simply the beginning steps.

It is essential to know what you DO choose and desire.  What are your dreams, your hopes, and your vision for the future?  In your perfect world, your ideal vision, what do you see, hear, taste, touch, smell and sense?

Remember, too, that what you focus on expands as you give your energy and attention to it.

This is the time you have dreamed of, longed for and been waiting for.  This is the time for you to awaken to the truth of your Divinity.  This is your moment to reclaim your birthright as One with Source and allow all the great forces in the Universe that are just standing by to become active in your life and to support you fully.

In the midst of turmoil and change it is vital that you know where you stand and that you recognize what you are standing for.  Truth, justice, equality, care for Mother Earth, peace, work that is inspiring and uplifting and brings great joy and pleasure.  Food, housing, clean water, clothing, safety, abundant prosperity for all.    Peace, calm, love, plenty, beauty, Truth.  It’s your choice.  It’s up to you.

I encourage you to not create more of the same that has not worked in the past and to begin to choose for one and all.  Unity consciousness is at the forefront now as we are becoming aware that we are all One.  Many individuals have been preparing for years, almost behind the scenes, for this very moment in time.

No matter what your reality may appear to look like, by taking back your power and making different choices you will change your world and the world for all those around you.

If you are one of the many millions who are sick and tired of the way things have been or the way they appear to be, I invite you to join me in creating a new great, rich, happy, joyful, loving, peaceful, healthy reality that we can all enjoy.

YOU deserve it!

With joy and great celebration,



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Tuesday Morning Mastery

Recently I shared an experience with my groups and I’d like to share it with you, too.

Into the final stages of a book proposal, I had an image, an idea, come to mind of a box to send it in to the publisher.   Inspired and excited, I simply paused for a moment of connection and asked for guidance.

Almost immediately I got the direction to go to one particular Tuesday Morning store in my area.  Not just any Tuesday Morning, not the one closest to me, but a clear image of the store I was to go to.

Acting in faith and certainty, I got up and went to that store.  Looking around the aisles of offerings, I found a few boxes that would have been just okay.  I could have settled and bought one of those boxes, but I knew that I was sent to that store with a purpose and that the Universe always answers my requests.

And the Universe never requires that I simply settle for something less than I desire.  With its infinite wealth of resources, my perfect good is always ready, willing and waiting for me!

With that knowledge in mind, I turned to search the store with new eyes knowing that my perfect box was there.  Around one corner and down another aisle, there on the end display was my perfect box!

It was a box in the shape of a large book with golden edges on it and the words printed on the front:  Give Love, Know Peace, Live Joy.  Exquisite!  And, of course, a bargain price on top of it all.  I was elated and dancing around with joy!

As I left the store with my package in hand, I was struck with the euphoria of recognizing that this is the way I choose to operate in every area of my life.

The process is so darned simple:  Ask.  Believe. Take Inspired Action. Receive. Celebrate.

Sharing this with my Thursday group, I invited them to master the Tuesday Morning principle.  I invite you to do the same.

Now, one woman asked how I could be so certain that my perfect box was waiting for me.

The answer is that years of experience and practice have given me the confidence to be absolutely certain in the process.  (The real truth is, too, that my guides simply love to go shopping and have demonstrated that to me consistently!)

I’ll share a couple of quick examples.  Both are Tuesday Morning stories.

Cleaning up after a party one Sunday evening, I got the “hunch” to go to my local Tuesday Morning store to buy 12 boxes of candles that were on sale.  The regular price was $35 per box for a set of 12 (yes, exquisite candles!), but the sale price was $4.95.

Although it was not convenient at the moment, even though this purchase was not in my budget, the direction was clear, definite and specific.  And I have learned to follow the guidance I receive no matter what.  Oh, sometimes a little conversation and on occasion a little snarky debate, nonetheless I simply move forward to take the guided actions.

Standing in the candle aisle of the store as it was beginning to close, I thought had only 11 boxes in my cart and couldn’t find any others on the shelves.  Calmly raising my attention, I asked for the clarity for the final box.  Recounting my collection in my cart, I found I had exactly 12 boxes!

Another time my granddaughter was coming to stay overnight.  She’d finally outgrown the crib I had for her and I needed a blow up bed quickly so that she could be comfortable.

Well, Tuesday Morning had Aerobeds on sale that week, but when I got to the store they were entirely sold out.  I sat in my car and asked for guidance, knowing that my perfect blow up bed was just waiting for me.

Within a minute I got the guidance to go to the local Sears, not a store on my general shopping horizon.  In the bedding area there was the perfect Scooby Doo blow up bed (on sale no less!) and I was able to purchase the bed and some princess pillows all for less than half of what I had originally planned to spend!

You’ve gotta love my Universe!

And I encourage you to love yours, too!  Begin the Tuesday Morning Mastery today and expect to be excited and delighted!

YOU deserve it!

With joy and celebration,


One If By Land, Two If By Sea

If you’re a student of American history, you may identify this phrase with the idea of looking for the enemy, anticipating a great battle that may lie ahead, and the Revolution. Paul Revere’s ride was about the idea of Freedom and we are in the middle of a global revolution in consciousness.  These are essential elements that we’ll be talking about in the weeks and months to come.  For the moment, though, I’m going to ask you to consider a different interpretation.

On a practical level, we all recognize, know and appreciate that it is easier to do things in life when we have someone to do them with.  Companionship, partnership, friendship, relationship are words that reflect the idea that we’re all in this ship called Life together.  We are not alone and we have a choice.

Let’s begin with the idea of “One if by land”.  If you choose to go on this journey of life alone, attempting to create your success all by yourself, you will not only find the experience to be lonely and at many points lacking joy, but you will most surely run into one of the perils of this approach. You are setting yourself up for struggle and most likely for failure.  Walk alone and you will most certainly find yourself on a slow journey that may include getting stuck in the mud with no one around to help you out, climbing over great rocks, hazards, hurdles and obstacles, and feeling lost in a desert far from an oasis of relief.  In short, it’s just not going to be fun or easy.

And, now, let’s look at an alternative: “Two if by sea”.   Ease, joy, flow, sailing along powered by the forces of the Universe that are already there just waiting to support you and propel you forward to fulfill your dream.  Inviting someone else to share the journey with you. Someone you can rely on and count on to have your back and to help you weather the storms that may come up along the way.  Someone to help you navigate and to see more clearly the opportunities that lie ahead, when you may be temporarily focused on a smaller detail that requires your attention.

Anyone who has ever tried to sail a ship alone, particularly if it’s a large ship (or in this case a BIG vision) knows that it’s just not easy.  Unexpected events may occur and having an extra pair of hands, eyes, ears and legs can make the difference between success and failure.  Having another pair of hands to steer the ship when you are temporarily distracted helps you to stay on course.  Having another set of eyes to watch the horizon to let you know when your destination is straight ahead is essential.  Having another set of ears that will hear things in a different way and understand things from a different perspective is a key.  Having another set of legs that will continue to carry you forward even in those moments when you think you’re too exhausted to take another step and you desperately need a rest is vital to your cause.

So, here’s a vital concept to understand and to begin to operate on: Nobody does it by themselves.  Great people who succeed on any level always have a team surrounding them.

You no longer need to be lost at sea.

Find yourself, open to sharing the journey with someone and get ready for the adventure of your life.

YOU deserve it!


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“No two minds ever come together without a third invisible force, which may be likened to a ‘third mind.’  When a group of individual minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in the group.  No man can become a permanent success without taking others along with him.”

- Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich

Living In A Time Of Miracles And Magic

I experience many miracles, the seemingly unexpected treasures and treats of life, and they continue to unfold every day.  Sometimes great, sometimes smaller, the miracles are in a constant flow.  And I celebrate them.

More than that, I actively and consciously recognize them, acknowledge them, appreciate them and am grateful for them.

What most people might call coincidences are powerful demonstrations of Higher forces in action in our lives.  Being in the right place at the right time, doors being opened that others believed should have stayed closed, the seemingly impossible taking place with almost no effort on our part, the perfect connections at the perfect moment in time are every day occurrences for us.  It’s as if we wave our magic wand and the Universe automatically responds.

Miracles and magic are available to everyone on this journey.  Inviting your Higher Power to be active in your life is a true path to living a life of joy, harmony, prosperity and freedom.

One day a friend called me to tell me she’d heard about a conference in my area and thought that we should go.  Even though she was offering to fly out, I wasn’t particularly enthused and asked to think about it.  A few days later I was at an event and met the person who was heading that conference.  He gave me two free tickets and we were on our way.

Once we were there, we prepared ourselves with the consciousness to allow and to receive.  Sitting in the hotel room that first evening, my friend spoke about needing to meet a particular person and wondered out loud how that was going to happen.  I reassured her, keeping in mind that the Power behind us is greater than the problem in front of us, and suggested we simply relax and allow it all to happen in a perfect way.

Deciding to go down to the front desk, we got into the elevator and one floor down the person that my friend had just been talking about stepped on to join us.  Her initial meeting was done, her connection was made and she was on her way!

I had set intentions to connect with several people, with one in particular at the forefront of my mind.  Generally a very shy and retiring person, my connection was considered by most to be somewhat unapproachable and very guarded.  With good reason, this is a powerful person in a position of authority, the owner in fact, in a business that is highly desirable and a company that is sought after.

Standing in line at lunch the next day, I was aware that I was wondering when and how the introduction would happen.  Turning around, I saw my friend’s connection standing in line right behind me and my connection was right beside him.  Because I was prepared for the moment, I told him exactly what I wanted to discuss with him and we began a very friendly conversation.  Done!  One more time, the intention was delivered with grace and ease and joy.

And it didn’t stop there.  My connection had asked me to send him a copy of one of my products.  I packaged it mindfully and with the consciousness that this would be a great gift to the world I wrapped it up.  Golden box, purple tissue, gold foil streamers inside, gold rose seals and a beautiful bow on top.

Two weeks later I hadn’t heard anything so I called the company to connect.  Asking for my person, the woman said he was out of the office but that she could give me his cell phone number!  Calling the number, he answered, thanked me for the beautiful package and told me he had just been in the office that morning and my product was now going through the editorial review process!


Now, I don’t know how this particular story is going to end, however, I can tell you that the demonstrations have continued with certain synchronicities from expected and unexpected sources.  Out of the blue messages and emails and gifts have been flowing in.  What I call confirmations and demonstrations.

I am expecting the best and expanding my vision.

If I can do it, you can do it.

As someone has said before, when you are powered by a Higher Source, the impossible becomes the improbable until it becomes the inevitable.  You’re simply allowing yourself to receive the gift that you ordered.

So consciously create what you desire and expect the very best!

YOU deserve it!

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